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Comprehensive close to the service

1 for the customer "made-to-measure" : cater to different customers' needs

With major famous ship company, airlines cooperative relationship

Choose the shipping company: high, medium and low:

Maersk, APL, Evergreen, CMA, NYK, Hapag Yang Ming; Lloyd, China shipping, MSC etc.


2. To provide "one-stop service"

Sea, air,

Trailer, customs,

Quarantine, insurance,

Warehousing, LCL, inspection

3. With global agent network: a major port city

Logistics knowledge base

What is the logistics? Logistics means in order to satisfy the needs of the customers, with the minimum cost, through transportation, storage and distribution mode and realization of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related information from the origin of the goods to the consumer goods to the planning, implementation and management of the process.