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Enterprise culture


The 21st century the focus of competition in service, the quality and cultural connotations. A without culture enterprise and customer service quality companies would be losing competitiveness
We are trying to expand business simultaneously, continuously strengthening internal management, pay attention to the construction of the distinctive "people-oriented" enterprise culture.

TOL corporation culture includes the following content:

Regardless of the individual or company, all with the highest ethical standards themselves.

The company and employees are to honesty, integrity, fair, practical.

Treat customers, suppliers and all society both to a fair, just, reasonable.

Logistics knowledge base

What is the logistics? Logistics means in order to satisfy the needs of the customers, with the minimum cost, through transportation, storage and distribution mode and realization of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related information from the origin of the goods to the consumer goods to the planning, implementation and management of the process.