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Marine sales representative/air transportation sales representatives
1, college degree or above, male or female, age 22 years old of above;
2, shenzhen and surrounding area more than two years of sales experience, industry experience is preferred,
3, the manner is sincere, warm and cheerful, good team cooperation spirit;
4, foreign language proficiency is preferred.
Address: shenzhen city, along the road no. 100 the jingguang center 1501
TEL: (86-755) 82686652 (86-755) tlx.number 82686663

Logistics knowledge base

What is the logistics? Logistics means in order to satisfy the needs of the customers, with the minimum cost, through transportation, storage and distribution mode and realization of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related information from the origin of the goods to the consumer goods to the planning, implementation and management of the process.